Discover Argentière, Chamonix Mont Blanc Valley

Argentière, - Is the biggest village insdie Chamonix, with a super market, ATM, tourist office, post office, 2 doctors, 10 bars and restaurants and a dedicated Tea and coffee shop, it's the perfect escape!

Geographically in the middle of the ski lifts for the entire Chamonix Valley and the start of many walks and hikes, including the world famous Haute Route - to Zermatt

Discover the old and new parts of the village and check out the old pictures of the Argentiere Glacier when is reached right down to the gates of the village. Perfect stepping point for Switzerland or Italy (equidistance apart) why not head for Italy for lunch and Switzerland for afternoon chocolates.

Argentière - the home of Les Grands Montets, with the sumit at 3250m.

  • Supermarket
  • Cash Machine
  • Post Office
  • Pharmacy
  • Doctors
  • Hair dresser
  • 9 bars
  • 11 restaurants
  • 1 specialist Tea and Coffee shop
  • 4 bike hire/ski hire shops
  • Newsagent
  • 3 Bakery's
  • 3 Souvenirs shops
  • 1 Helipad
  • 1 Train Station
  • 4 Bus Stops

Chamonix Mont Blanc Valley